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My Husband got affected with Corona Virus and slowly his lungs were damaged up to 90% though he got 1st class treatment in reputed hospital in the capital of india, We had lost the hope but fortunately we got to connect with Sanjeev Ji, who started Healing my husband and only within 10 days, my husband was out of ventilator and finally came to home after 15 days of healing with negative report, his lungs are also recoverd now. I am very much thankful to Sanjeev Ji who saved my family.

(Feedback received through whatsapp at 19/07/2020, Name has been changed due to privacy reason)

I got a very extra ordinary feedback from one of my client who got the miracle healing very 1st time yesterday. She was surprised to see Lord Jesus Christ during the healing time. She also got some messages which she shared with me. You can find the actual feedback at our facebook page and also at our miracle healing page on this website. The link is 

( feedback received through whatapp at 17/04/2020, Name is not being disclosed due to privacy )

One of our client whose son was receiving healing for his studies has got GOLD MEDAL in his SCIENCE OLAMPIAD and also got selected in 2nd Level of the exam, it all happened due to regular divine healing done for him. We are happy to share this with all of you. Thanks 

( feedback received through whatsapp at 31/12/2018, Name are not being disclosed due to privacy)

I got a new feedback from one of my client who is getting financial healing from us. We got this message through whatsapp which we are posting as same as received. Only name and profile is hidden.

I just got a new feedback from someone who was having headache, fever and piles problem and he was referred by one another client who is taking cosmic healing for her studies. He needed urgent healing as he had to go to his office but was not able due to these problems. I did angel healing on urgent basis. It happened two days ago and this is feedback I just got from their side.

Gud evening Sir, I could not respond due to network problem,prem told it was great experience as just after healing head ache,fever gone n stomach ache vanished n through out the day he just forgot he was severely ill n worked energetically at office n piles problem was reduced,he is happy n feeling good- thanks for considering my problem n did healing instantly…

Prem Kumar, Kolkatta (feedback received through whatsapp at 31/01/2018)

आज एक क्लाइंट का फीडबैक मिला है जिनके व्यापार के लिए पिछले साल हीलिंग की थी लगभग ६ महीने। हीलिंग करने से पहले उनको व्यापार करने में बहुत समस्या हो रही थी। बहुत मेहनत करने के बाद भी कस्टमर आर्डर कन्फर्म नहीं करता था। फिर हमने उनकी हीलिंग शुरू की और आश्चर्य की बात कि दूसरे ही दिन से उनके व्यापार में प्रगति आनी शुरू हो गयी। उन्होंने एक साल में लगभग ६ महीने हमसे हीलिंग करवाई और आज पता चला कि उन्होंने दिल्ली में अपना खुद का ३ बी एच के का एक फ्लैट खरीदा है। वो बहुत संतुष्ट हैं।

Name not disclosed due to privacy (feedback received based on personal talk with the client at 15/06/2017)

Karma healing has done wonder. He is a wonderful person and the healing helped in a desperate time of my life. I am thankful to him and always will be. ( he was suffering from mental doubt, fear, and mental instability)

Suvendu Biswas, Nadia, West Bengal (feedback received at google map at 27/05/2017)

A Big Thank you !!
The stress of the oncoming board exams was making my son very anxious and nervous. Having known about Reiki healing, we approached Mr Sanjeev Jain for a therapy. We booked a course of Reiki for a month and began the therapy a week before the start of the exams.
Right from the third day we began to notice the difference. His anxiety reduced and we could see a distinct positivism in him. After about 2 weeks, we added Divine healing also, just before the real tough papers.
This had an added advantage and enhanced his approach which was now more confident and determined.
Thanks once again, We are very satisfied with the healing therapy.

Jayasree Ottur, Goa  (feedback received through email at 02/05/2017)

I was suffering from psoriasis and eczema from last 10 years and i have tried almost every type of medicine but nothing was working. In fact every time when i used any medicine the condition became more critical and i begin to start thinking that this disease is now incurable and i lost all hopes and i became depressed. Then i searched for alternative healing and came in contact with Mr. Sanjeev Jain through his website and enrolled myself for divine healing and karma healing and after few months it started decreasing and this winter season i came to know that it has decreased very much, though up to last winter season, it was always increasing. Sanjeev jain Sir asked me to send the proof so i have sent my photos also. Thank you sir for the efforts done for me.

Manoj Gupta, Patna (proof of feedback are given through )

Karma healing has worked wonders for me. I had tried so many healing modalities earlier by different healers and almost had lost faith that healing works. But once I came across sanjeevji I though let me try as it sounded promising. And it truly lived upto it! I felt changes in me almost instantly. Earlier I was a very lethargic person having no will or motivation to bring all those life plans I had made for myself into reality. Now I am in much more positive state of mind and taking babysteps towards my goals… with his genuine advice and interest in solving your problems I feel I am at safe place as his advice and choice of healing method has always proved to be right. Looking forward to improve the quality of my life much further. Thank you so much sanjeevji.

Priya Mehta, Pune, India (feedback at 20/02/2017 received through whatsapp )

Somehow I was attracted towards the occult sciences. Because of these deep quest inside me, I was gathering more information about Reiki Healing technique. While doing so I came to know that I can heal myself and others, even from distant,at physical, mental and spiritual level, which means that it is possible to achieve healthy life, more happiness and, of course, manifest our any desire in life. Then I decided to learn the Reiki Healing technique myself. For that purpose, finding a teacher/guru was difficult for me and I was not in a position, at this point, to attend the course personally. While surfing on the net, I came across a site www.reikimasteronline.comunder the mentorship of Mr. Sanjeev Jain: Reiki Master & Divine Healer, who is offering online courses also. Immediately I contacted him and started learning Reiki healing techniques online. As of now I have already completed 1st degree and started 2nd degree also.
During the discussion, I told him that my mother is suffering from joints pain and stiffness since last 10-12 years. Of course she has gone through different tests, medications and treatments without relief. Then he suggested to do Divine healing and Karma healing for my mother which immediately we agreed. Surprisingly, after one week of Divine healing and one session of Karma healing, there is a lot of improvement. Now I am confident that after completion of all the sessions, everything will be alright! Rest is on the hands of the Almighty..
At this point, I must thank God that I found Mr. Sanjeev Jain as my guru, who is always eager to help anybody with full dedication. He is always available to help you! Just place your problems in front of him, he will find a way to solve it for you or he will guide you to solve the problems yourself.

Amar Boro, Adliya, Kingdom of Bahrain (feedback at 01/10/2016 received through email)

My mother had been very ill along with being a mental patient and was gradually going into a pathetic condition since last 10 years. We had tried best of the best doctors but nothing affected. We all family members had to face serious problems with her. My mother was in trouble and nobody was able to help her out, then with Gods blessing i met Mr. Sanjeev Jain. Initially when he told me about his healing powers i didn’t believe it. But as i already left no stone unturned to get my mother well. Thinking of that i thought to give a try one more time.. and a miracle happened…things were very different the very next day of his miraculous healing…she was better and better with the coming days. And all after just one session of Karmic Healing….I have few more sessions to cover up for my mother as guided by Mr. Jain….and have a very deep trust that one day she will be the same as once we saw her long years back….in fact better than that ….again we have become a happy family just with grace of Mr. Jain …everyone in my family is undergoing through his sessions and feeling ultimate happiness. I would ask everyone whosoever is in problem should definitely consult Mr Jain..he is real angel in real terms Just have trust on him and leave everything over God.
Tanuja Bora, Haldwani, Nainital ( feedback at 24-06-2016 for Karma Healing for past life)

I felt high vibrational energies and a kind of tingling sensation in my 3rd eye chakra….got the vision of purple and blue light.

S Kumar (Reiki Master Teacher/Karuna Reiki Master( feedback at 27-04-2016 for new system BLUE RAYS)

I felt light energy over crown chakra,  still something is moving around in the same area, now a peircing pain for few minutes, some sensation on heart chakra, again peircing pain for few seconds.

P Vijayan ( Reiki 3rd degree holder (feedback at 27-04-2016 for new system BLUE RAYS)

I have Diabetes and my sugar level was too high nearly 350 and i was having weakness but after having divine healing from last 15 days, the sugar level is decreased up to 180 and i am feeling energy in me. I recommend everybody  to take divine healing treatment from sanjeev sir. He is very honest and his healing energies are fantastic.

J.D. from Punjab, government contractor (feedback at 23-03-2016)

I am very much happy with the healing done for my financial crises. It is now improved much and i am earning a good income now and i will recommend you to my friends and relatives for healing. I am sure that you are the best healer in the whole world. You have really helped me much. Thanks to you.

A. Manandhar from Kathmandu(Whatsapp feedback at 16-03-2016)

 My Relationship with my  husband become so much improved and i am much satisfied with the healing done(3 months) for relationship issue  and the behaviour of my husband is also improved and now he is taking care of our children with much care, he is become more gentle in his behave and the anger is almost gone. thank you sanjeev sir for you healings.

Ankita ji 29-01-2016( Name changed due to privacy)

Sleep has become better than earlier after the healing, earlier i had to consult a psychiatrist for such problems related to brain, sleep and stress… and i was on pills and later i used to hear tapes of hypnosis/self-hypnosis for sleep and relaxation… but during the last week i even forgot that I was not using the tapes and would fall asleep like a regular.. day to day activities are fine and i feel what was missing maybe it is getting fulfilled… relationship levels is what i would like to experience and share later onwards.

Avneesh S Mehta (facebook comment at 11-12-2015)

I felt meditative experience for the half time and late half I felt the ‘floating on water’ kind of experience… my sneezing and cold

which is on primary level is cured i feel.. body temperature is different i guess.. it’s 9:24 pm and still feel the energy flow..

usually i feel it in my ears.. with the night cricket’s sound and a kind of ‘sannata’.

Avneesh S Mehta (facebook comment at 18-11-2015)