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Reiki Attunement

What is a Reiki Attunement?


A Reiki attunement is achieved through a process called an initiation, which involves the opening of the spiritual channel in the student by the Reiki Master, so that Reiki energy flows through the student, thus allowing them to heal both themselves and family members after Reiki level 1. There are three formal levels of initiation and each Reiki attunement opens up the participant to higher levels of healing and understanding Universal Spirituality. The Reiki attunement is almost always a special spiritual experience for the participant.
When you receive a Reiki attunement from a qualified Reiki master you are automatically attuned to Universal Healing Energy. This can then be used for healing others, the self, distant and world. Once you have received a Reiki attunement, you will have Reiki for the remainder of your life. It does not wear off and you can never lose it. While one Reiki attunement is all you need for each level to be attuned to that level, additional Reiki attunements bring benefit.
It is very easy to learn Reiki. No special background or knowledge is required, so anyone of any age can learn and practice it. Attunements are given by a Reiki Master and there are three formal levels of initiation.

Level 1​

​​At this level the initiate is permanently attuned and connected to the Reiki source of healing energy (you receive the Reiki attunement to Level 1). Once initiated it allows a person to performing healing on oneself and others. This level deals with physical issues in allowing the body to open up more to allow it to channel more Reiki energy.

What you will learn in Reiki 1

• The Level 1 Attunement.
• Personal Healing Session.
• History of Reiki.
• Uses of Reiki.
• Introduction to the 7 chakras.
• Reiki hand positions for treating oneself.
• Reiki hand positions for treating others.
• Manual.
• meditation & Sadhana instructions
• Reiki Certificate

• Fees – Rs- 2500 / USD 65

Level 2

The initiate is attuned again to better connect with energies that heal mental and emotional issues and that can travel across any distance and time (You receive the Reiki attunement to Level 2). You can practice sending distance healing to your friends and family, even animals. The power symbol learned can be used to help focus energy for specific purposes.

What you will learn in Reiki 2

• The Level II Attunement.
• Personal Healing Session.
• Learning the Reiki II symbols
• Distance Reiki healing symbols
• Special symbols (for special issues)
• How to use these symbols.
• Manual
• Sadhana CDs, & music
• Certificate

• Fees – Rs. 4500 / USD 150

Level 3

Level III is 400% powerful than LEVEL II because of 2 Golden Symbols. All the Reiki energy is unlocked when attuned to this level. A greater understanding of the energy is achieved as it is grounded more into your consciousness and your entire being. At this level the initiate will be able to perform Reiki attunements to others. One must have been previously attuned to Level 1 and 2 in order to receive this level.

What you will learn in Reiki 3

• The Level III Attunement.
• Personal Healing Session.
• Learning the Reiki III symbols which are the most powerful symbols.
• Methods of meditation for self improvement.
• Meditations for career, health, wealth and relationships.
• Chakra meditations.
• Colour meditations.
• manual
• Sadhana instructions
• Certificate

• Fees – Rs. 10000 / USD 400


In our experience, and more importantly in the experience of the many thousands of Reiki students who have completed our Reiki home study course and received distant attunements from us has shown that distant attunements are just as effective as attunements received in person during a workshop or therapy session.

Distant attunements are ideal for people who are unable to travel; or attend a workshop, or who have An urgent need to become attuned to and use Reiki for personal healing for example or because they Would like to pursue a path in teaching and healing.

Distant Attunements allow Reiki to be spread around the world. All distant attunements are Conducted with the highest professional standards with an strong emphasis on attention to personal Detail.​

We use an on call attunement method for our own students. Where taking the students to deep level of relaxation makes them 400 times more expose to Reiki energies & even strong energies are felt by our students compare to their workshop based attunements.

Reasons why our distance attunements are so powerful

​• One student is attune at a time makes our channel more expose to Reiki energy
• No interference of personal energies of teacher as a result students are fully under the only purest form of Reiki symbolism.
• Our on call attunement is associated with personal healing session followed by main attunement process making our student to expose their innermost conscious to energies so as to channelize the Reiki 400 times more than even workshop based Attunements.