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Harshil Enclave, Plot no. 4, lane number 1, Kalagaon, Sahstradhara Road, Dehradun- 248001 (uttarakhand) India.

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Phone or what’s App +91 8077843850 / 9720568758

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or use the form below to shoot us an email. We generally reply within 24 hours.



Guidelines to be followed while contacting us:

1-Kindly send your enquiry through filling the form given below or email us directly at, we will reply as soon as possible.

2-Kindly think before contact whether you have willingness to pay our fees. Our minimum fees is (Rs.300/- for 1 day reikihealing)     (Rs. 700/- for 1 days divine healing) or (Rs. 5000/- for 1 session of karma healing) which you have to pay, though for better results it is advised to go for minimum one month healing.  

3-If you have already taken any kind of healing from some other source and you didn’t get any result then it is suggested to go for the Energy Reading of the client so that we can find out the reason according to his/her energy which will help us to determine the suitable healing system. It will help you to minimize your expenditure and the time of the healing.

4-Our Bank details are already given in the charges section.

5- The client can take even one day healing session however for complete recovery, it may take longer time.

6-I am usually very busy with healing sessions so I humbly request for people to write to me instead of calling me. When you write for a request to know more details, will really appreciate if you can write down your reasons for looking at past lives healing or other healing and what are you expecting from the therapy. I used both Divine Healing and Karma Healing as complimentary therapies to help people resolve any sort of issues. It is highly recommended to read through about Karma Healing before writing to me since that shortens the communication and helps me propose a solution faster to you.

Guidelines to start healing process


 1-choose the desired option of healing system and the time period.

2-Send your recent photo and/or your details like full name, date of birth, cell, full address and pincode and send it to us.

3-Send the payment in advance by deposit/transfer the amount.

4-We will start the healing after confirmation of your payment. you don’t need to do anything on your part. we will do the healings.

Contact Us