Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

If you can come to our place then you can attend the one day class and learn it or if you can not come to learn, then you can also learn it from your home. Distance is not a problem.

How Many degrees i have to learn for healing myself and others?

If you want to heal others then you must learn up to Master Healer level which is 3rd level. You can learn all the three levels in just 3 days. After that you can heal yourself as well as others. However if you want only to heal yourself than even 1st level will be enough.

can depression be healed through alternative healing?

We are using three modalities to cure it. If you go through reiki healing, it will require minimum 3 month of healing, if you go through divine healing, it will need minimum one month, and if you go through karma healing, it will need nearly 3-5 sessions.

I have relationship problem with my husband, he is always fighting with me and not caring for me. can i get help through healing?

Yes, Divine Healing will help you very much. People are seeing changes in the behaviour from the 2nd week of divine healing.

I am ready to spend money on healing, but how can you assure me about the result? I am afraid that my money will be wasted, can you give me some guarantee about the result and my money?

When we do healing honestly, we can assure you that there will be result but in case there is 1% chances that nothing will happen because

there is not the right time for the patient or there is too much karma debt than on humanitarian grounds we will return 50% of the amount paid by you for divine healing and karma healing.

I don't have any physical or mental problem but i always feel fear in me and i think my confidence is very low. can you help me?

Yes. I can help you through divine healing and/or karma healing in this matter. in fact all types of negative emotions can be healed. Even if you have some issues which are coming from your past life, that can also be healed.