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Blue Rays Healing

Blue Rays Healing

Blue Ray healers are Lightworkers whose path here on earth includes bringing Light and Love to this beautiful planet. They are ultra-sensitivities empathetic souls who came from different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity, and raise the consciousness of Gaia (Mother Earth).

There are not many Blue Ray Healers on earth right now

The main purpose of Blue Ray Healers is that they came to transform the damaged, mutated DNA of humanity, and set the stage for other Rays to come. So, what it means to be a Blue Ray Healer is that they have a desire to help the collective as well as the individual in raising vibrations. One of the things a Blue Ray Healer does through their work is bring in a very high frequency of cobalt energy.

Blue Ray Traits

Transformers; using alchemy, they naturally transmute lower energies.
Have similarities with the Indigo, Crystals, and Rainbow Beings.
Are ultra-sensitive and intuitive, and can easily communicate with higher realms.
Have sacred knowledge and wisdom, with a deep desire to bring it forward, here on earth.
It is part of their mission to communicate and express through the creative arts and spirit.  
Can sometimes work with Archangel Michael, Saint Germain, and the Violet Flame Healers.
Most work with energy or Spirit (if consciously known or not) or they wish to help others.
Important things; love, music, water, sound, movement, dance, and nature.
They had to heal and transform  possible family emotional trauma, and dysfunction first.
Are energetically aligned to Lumerians and Atlantians.
Have amazing  spiritual gifts and talents, that may have taken long to be fully activated.
Are the peacemakers with their family, and with friends.
Can sometimes have delayed learning because of sensitivity gifts.
Have great long-term persistence, and they get to their destination.
Feel they are from the stars, another planet, or evolved race.
Can be sensitive to foods, chemicals, the environment, noise, and electricity.
May have felt different growing up; for whatever reason didn’t “fit in”.
May be very adaptable and empathic, therefore may stay in a relationship too long.
Usually need to drink a lot of water, as they may have come from water planet realms.

How i understood that i am a blue rays healer?

I was not aware about the fact that i am a born blue rays healer but from last 2 years, slowly i am recongnising myself as a blue rays healer as i accidently found so many similarities with them. I always feel connected with Lord Shiva and infact some years back, may be in 2001, when i gave initiation of Reiki 1st degree to an old lady, she saw Lord Shiva with her closed eyes, then out of fear when she opened her eyes, she saw Lord Shiva again with her opened eyes, and it happened 4-5 times. At that time also i could not understand fully but slowly i started feeling some unknown connection with Lord Shiva and now i understand it fully. Also many Clairvoyant has told me that i have special aura field which is very rare. 

I was using the term blue ray healing unconsciously but later i found that it has special meaning and the traits are very similar to my life situations. So finally now i understood the meaning of Blue Rays.