Advance Reiki Healing Education

Divine Healing 

This is a matter of great joy that with the blessings of all my spiritual masters and existence, i am blessed with a very new kind of energy which is

much higher then normal reiki energy…and after testing it with so many relatives, friends, other reiki healers and masters, i am now opening up

this energy for general public.

​We only need your passport size photo and/or your details so that the healing can be sent to the same person who needs it.

Effects of Divine Healing

1- It can heal all problems related with physical Body.

2- It can heal all problems related with  Emotional Body.

3- It can heal all problems related with Mental Body.

4- It can heal all problems with Spiritual Body.

5- It can clear all blockages of Energy Body.

6- It can help spiritual meditater in their meditation whatever technique they use.

7- Self-purification 

8- Healing any diseases and improve health. Even Divine healing  is highly powerful to demolish the HIV virus. 
9- Improving good luck 

10- Improving good fortune 
11- Improving prosperity 
12- Building protection 
13- Improving the development of kundalini 
14- Increasing the development of third eye and Conscience 
15- Any diseases, any viruses, bacteria, germs, fungi and cancer cells will be destroyed.
16- Bad luck aura, poverty aura, stupidity and negative emotion will be demolished.
17- Healthiness will be better 
18- Prosperity aura will be richer. 
19- Good luck aura will be improved. 
20- Positive emotion will be more positive. 
21- Intelligence will be more intelligent.​​