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Our Healing Services


Akashic Record Reading is a very much helpful in getting the right answers of your questions which are easily not understood by anyone. it helps us by guiding for our actions to be taken on any given situation. it can help you understand your problems with deep meanings. It can help even in stock market. 

Energy Exchange Rs. 4444


Karma Healing is very strong and powerful healing system which heals from the very core of your being and it can heal the soul too. Their are many layers of karma with each individual which affects the soul throughout its whole life and the soul doesn’t even notices about it but these deep layers of the soul can also be healed.

Energy Exchange Rs. 5000

Miracle Healing is Very much effective in dealing with urgent and critical issues which is life threatening and it has the power of God himself which helps the patient in very critical condition but there is only one limititation that it can be done only on the people who have trust on God and Avatars. Those who don’t believe on god must not take this healing. The spiritual blessings of Lord Jesus Christ always helps us.

Energy Exchange Rs. 1500

It is a very new kind of energy which is much higher then normal reiki energy.

Energy Exchange one session Rs. 1000

This is very special kind of healing which is very much effective in dealing with brain and mind. it can increase the power of mind, brain and thought process.

Energy Exchange one session Rs. 1000

Money Reiki helps heal the negative or limiting energies that people collect about money and gently yet powerfully aligns one’s own energy with that of money, wealth and abundance.

Energy Exchange one session Rs. 700

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. it is very much useful with direct healing touch method when the healer touches the specific part of the body with his healing hands. Now we are providing it in nearby areas of our locality. 

Energy Exchange one session Rs. 500 ( distance healing)

Energy Exchange one session Rs. 1000 ( Healing Touch method)

Cosmic Healing is very much effective in so many areas of one’s life that it can cover so many things and it helps in regenerating new bonds and relationships and many more aspects. kindly contact personally for more information.

Energy Exchange one session Rs. 700

It has been now widely understood and accepted that the root cause of all our suffering are in our DNA.

Energy Exchange one session Rs. 1500

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