Advance Reiki Healing Education

It is a new kind of reading where we access energies of any specific human being, any non-living thing, or anything from this world which exists. now a days people are showing interested in various types of healing to find solutions for their life and its difficult situations but it becomes really very hard to find the exact solution because the unseen powers play a very important role in their life which is really impossible to understand. In these cases, if we can understand the language of energies then it becomes very easy to find the solution. Fortunately, I came to understand the language of energies which is helping me in healing nearly all types of situation, problems, and challenges. And i am ready to help others too through this energy reading. Some of the recent reading which i did for my clients are given here to understand about it. Thanks

Yesterday in the early morning, i got a call from a lady. one of her colleague’s 4 month son was in ICU and the doctors declared that now nothing can be done. I did healing for the son and while doing healing i got connected with the soul, and there happened conversation with him. He was saying that he was very happy and wants to live, but he was having problem in taking breath and there was some problem in his heart and brain. I did the healing and after two hours, i heard that the child was gone after 10 minutes when the healing was completed. it was my 4th experience with the situation where the patient was about to die and got the healing energies. When the soul is about to leave the earth, and face some problem then he/she tries to get help through some source from where they can get the help to leave the body without much pain. after two hours, again that soul came to say me thank you for the healing energies.
it is happening with me from last so many years and that is why i always try not to go in any funeral. Thanks ( date: 06/02/2018 )

The day before yesterday, i was contacted by one female who was having relationship issue and her studies were also affected due to that issue which was bothering her as her exams are very near. So i suggested her to go for her energy reading to understand the issue through her energies.
When i started reading her energies, i came to know that she was having love and sexual relationship with a men who was much aged then her, and he himself left her due to the age difference and now connected with some other female. Although there was much age difference, the female was missing her very much, and the reason was that the men made her habitual to watch adult movies and porn which was creating more sexual desires and that was affecting her studies too. I asked her about it as it was a very strange phenomenon and she immediately confirmed it boldly. After that i again asked her whether to go for the healing session also and she agreed, then we did the healing same day and she felt very good during the healing. After that we again talked and it was felt that she is really happy with the session.Thanks ( date: 30/01/2018 )

Some days before I got an enquiry from a college going girl about her relationship issue. Her boyfriend left her after a very long love relationship. And she was interested to know about her future with that relationship. I suggest her to go for energy reading for herself before starting healing for her relationship so that we can found the actual problem. When I started reading her energies, I found that the person has lost his interest in the girl simply because they both were in sexual relationship too, before marriage. And that was the main reason for the current situation. The girl also confirmed it. The thing is that the problem may have their root cause somewhere else which you can’t imagine at the moment. Until the root cause is being found out, the real healing can go wrong. This has to be understood if you are going to take healing for your treatment. Thanks ( date: 27/01/2018 )